Your Home Should Be Your Safe Haven

Home sweet home. There’s no place like home. Home is where the heart it.

These old adages, still widely used today, speak to the relationship people have with their homes.

We spend a lot of time and money on turning our living spaces into havens of peace and security. They’re where we create memories and share special moments with friends and family. And, above all else, they are our pride and joy.

Until… your peace and tranquillity is shattered by a burglary or, worse, an armed robbery. Many homeowners have been so traumatised by a breach in their home’s security that they have sold their homes and moved somewhere else. And, as we know, that “somewhere else” for thousands of South Africans today is overseas. People can often not get past the feelings of fear and insecurity after falling victim to crime in their own home.

It is, unfortunately, a reality in South Africa that crime largely dictates the look and feel of our homes, and also, how and when we enjoy our living spaces.

Areas such as patios and gardens are largely out of bounds after dark, unless your home’s security extends to garden beams and other early-warning devices which can alert you to unwanted guests on the property while you’re enjoying a braai around the swimming pool or in the lapa.

While it is a sad reality that we have to keep security top of mind in everything that we do at home, with expert guidance, you can easily create safe areas within your living space to allow yourself to enjoy your home to its fullest. And, these home security barriers need not interfere with the aesthetics of your abode.

South Africans often talk about feeling as though they live in prisons. Your home’s security doesn’t necessarily have to make you feel that way. There are highly advanced products on the market today which offer full peace of mind, without screaming to the outside world that your house is as safe as Alcatraz.

As security products have evolved over the years and become far more pleasing on the eye and immediate environment, Maxidor has also evolved to become a forerunner in aesthetically pleasing home security.

We understand the need for home security is paramount, we understand that home security products need to be actual deterrents (not just look like deterrents), we understand that good-quality security products add value to a property and, we understand that families want the best possible barrier between them and threat.

Most of all, however, we understand that your home needs to be your safe haven; a space to be enjoyed and cherished without the threat of your family’s security being shattered by a criminal invasion.

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