If you live in the City of Gold in South Africa, then you’ll know that security is always a priority. House and retail burglaries and robberies are an everyday occurrence in some of the suburbs. Improved security is the main reason why people buy roller shutters in Johannesburg, but let’s consider all the advantages of roller shutters in depth.

Exceptionally Useful for Cinema Rooms

The shutters have an insulation effect to protect the building from weather elements, such as rain, wind, light, excessive heat, cold and even noise. With the light filtering capacity of the shutters, you can do away with dark and heavy curtains in the television or cinema room. The shutters cover the entire window and thus eliminate excessive light streaks on the television or film screen. You can also use the shutters to control the amount of light penetration, and thus reduce the glare without having to completely eliminate the light.

Temperature Regulation

Closed shutters help to maintain a stable indoor temperature, and this can be especially helpful during the cold winter months or the peak of the summer period. With such installed, energy efficiency is improved. You will need fewer heaters in winter, and don’t have to switch on several fans during the summer months.

Insulate Against Noise

Tired of hearing passing traffic? Need a space that is quiet? Then buy roller shutters in Johannesburg. With insulated shutters, the noise on the outside stays outside. Of course, if you have a music studio, then you’ll also want to keep noise from disturbing the neighbours, and in this case, insulated roller shutters are the answer.


Remove temptation to break-in with window or patio security that provide you with the ultimate privacy. Close the shutters when you leave home and rest assured that the criminals will not be able to see what is behind the shutters.


Whether you have a retail business, warehouse or need improved security at home, with roller shutters, you add another very strong layer of security to protect against intrusions. Extremely difficult to get through and very secure, the shutters are also suitable for covering store fronts in the mid-city area of Johannesburg.

Protect Against Hail and Storm Damage

Although South Africa certainly doesn’t get the hurricanes of Florida and the tornados of Texas on a regular basis, it pays to be safe. Trees often fall over during heavy storms and hail is not uncommon in Gauteng. Simply roll down the shutters and have your windows protected against the effects of hail and branches.

Being exceptionally versatile, the roller shutters available from Maxidor are suitable for residential, industrial and commercial applications.

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