Strange heading…you might think, but yes, your bin can be used for crime. Black refuse bins, also
known as wheelie bins, are put outside for the refuse trucks to come and collect your refuse to
dispose of it. In essence this is a relatively straight forward necessity in any suburb. A service offered
by the municipalities. Yet, you put the bin out weekly not knowing that it can aid criminals in their
Your bin needs to be emptied the next morning and as the proactive person you are, you think to
put it out the evening before just in case you forget or the refuse truck beats you to it. Big mistake!

  • Never leave your bin out too long, and only put it out on collection morning and bring it back
    afterwards as soon as possible. Your bin has wheels and is relatively light, which means it
    can easily be used as a ladder to climb over your wall. All they need to do is simply wheel it
    close to the wall, step on it and jump over.
  • Criminals also use bins as the perfect hiding place, hiding behind it at night to wait for the
    right time to ambush you when you arrive late.
  • Recent trends indicate that criminals even hide inside the bins. Unbeknown to the
    homeowner, the Bin feels heavy, as the homeowner assumes that Refuse was not collected
    – wheeling the criminal inside the property, giving the criminal ample time once inside to
    plan his attack.
  • When you leave your bin out for days, it might even indicate that no-one is at home, which
    makes your home seem unoccupied and thus a perfect place to burgle.
  • Criminals also steal bins and use it to store or carry stolen goods in. Paint your house
    address on the bin and paint it bright, so that if someone sees the bin in the other part of
    the neighbourhood it will alert suspicion.

Make sure your house is secured with proper, strong and durable physical security bars, so that in
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