If you live in an eco or security estate and there are strict rules regarding fencing and burglar bars, then you will benefit from our range of fencing and burglar bars. For understandable reasons, you will want the security to be aesthetically appealing and in some instances, even invisible. For low risk security areas of the home, we can thus recommend transparent solutions to the more conventional burglar bars.

The Maxi-View Classic burglar bars are well-suited for installation in estates with strict burglar proofing regulations. With the see-through bars, your view and the aesthetic appeal of your home security is never compromised.

Also consider the Maxi-View Ultra Armed bars which enable you to connect the transparent burglar proofing to the home alarm system. This will provide you with permanent protection and immediate alerting to any form of penetration. The system works through the sending of an electrical pulse from the control panel to the installed poly-carbonate strips. Should anyone attempt to tamper with the wires, the alarm will go off and alert you or your security company about the intrusion.

Together with such, you can also install anti-smash and grab window tinting on all the windows and glass doors. With such, a burglar cannot simply use a sharp or hard object to break a window. If the see-through burglar bar system is installed and connected to the alarm system, you effectively improve security to the point that the criminal will have a difficult time to enter and definitely will not be able to do so unnoticed.

In addition to the above, you may also want to consider the installation of perimeter fencing. This type of fence does not have the large openings between panes of conventional palisade. With exceptionally dense mesh it is difficult, if not almost impossible, to get a wire cutter, blow torch or saw through to cut the fence. You can also electrify the fence, which significantly enhances its deterrence factor.

The wire mesh fence is now widely used in residential and commercial applications and because of the high quality material, it has amazing durability. You do not compromise on the view and also prevent intruders from entering the garden or office park, waiting for you inside unnoticed.

It is imperative to install any security products as part of a larger system. You need an alarm system, protection on the doors, additional security doors, smash protected windows, perimeter fencing, and a strong driveway gate.

Visit crime prevention websites to learn how to improve on your security and take the necessary steps to protect against intrusion with fencing and other quality security products.

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