Marc Calasse

Marc Calasse

17. 05. 2018
We are passionate about security, in fact we love it! Our team members are the brains behind our success. Drumroll please for our very own Marc Calasse, one of our Security Consultants in Cape Town.

Because of an ever growing digital communication era, face-to-face meetings are somewhat left behind. We thought it would be nice if we could introduce our team members one by one to you, so not only our clients, but also our suppliers and other stakeholders can put a face to the voice and email communication. Hopefully you could get to know Marc better by reading the below interview questions.

1) Maxidor?
I am originally from Durban, then moved to Gauteng and now reside in the Mother City.

I’ve been in Management for the past 20 years, but joined Maxidor 2yrs ago because my family & I were victims of crime. I wanted to help save people’s lives. I believe that Maxidor are the strongest security products on the market. I have first-hand experience in how easily and quickly criminals breach other products that don’t offer enough time for you to react or better prepare yourself.

I also love the team environment and Management is always available and willing to assist where necessary.

2) Tell us in short about your family?
I have a fiancé who supports me all the way, and I’m a proud father of a 21-year old son.

3) What drives you?
It is not only to provide for my family, but it is also very rewarding for me when I receive daily feedback from my Customers that they are:

  • Impressed with our products and installation.
  • Happy and satisfied with my service.
  • Relieved that they have peace of mind to be sleeping behind the safest Maxidor security barriers.

Our 10 year guarantee show that we believe in our products. I absolutely agree with our slogan: ‘Our Strength Is Your Security.’

4) Is there a specific “quote” that you apply to your daily routine?
I have two.

  • Make today count because tomorrow is promised to NO ONE.
  • Making SA a safer place one Maxidor at a time.

Well there you have it! Please lookout for our next introduction of one of our team members.

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