Clinton Dorasamy

Clinton Dorasamy

11. 04. 2018

1) Why Maxidor?
I have been with Maxidor for over 13 years, I enjoy the family environment, and the fact that our products save lives remains an absolute bonus.

2) Tell us in short about your family.
I am happily married with three beautiful children, and knowing that my family is protected by Maxidor gives me complete peace of mind.

3) What drives you?
I wake up for my family, both at work and at home – I love working in an industry that actually makes a difference to everyday South Africans!

4) Is there a specific “quote” that you apply to your daily routine?
I live our Company Vision – “Making South Africa a little safer one Maxidor at a time”

Well there you have it! Please lookout for our next introduction of one of our team members.

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