When searching for your perfect home you often overlook the security barriers in place around the property you are going to purchase. We often prefer to view homes which have a clean external appearance only to later realize that you need to install your own security measures. Various deterrent measures are often the most effective way to keep burglars at bay and prevent your home or apartment from becoming a target. The most common measures taken by homeowners include security cameras, alarm systems (signage) and well maintained shrubbery near windows and door. All of these are likely to make perpetrators reconsider their decision about breaking in. Burglars are typically attracted to and steal from homes which they can gain easy access to in an unobtrusive manner. The most common points of entry to homes are via the front door or windows. Most people usually invest in security gates whilst windows are often left unprotected. Burglar bars can prove to be a particularly strong deterrent as they are difficult to remove and can be quite a noisy effort.

Unlocked windows gain the attention of opportunistic and would be criminals. As a potential vulnerable point in your home, different ways of securing your home and your family must be discussed. If you are feeling anxious about your surroundings and suspect that your home is an easy target, it would be wise for you to consider investing in burglar bars. These window bars are made up of several metal rods within a metal framework which is then fitted over your window. The entire framework is typically secured with bolts and screws to the structural frame of the home, this would ensure that it cannot be easily tampered with or removed. Many burglar bar designs are now available in more decorative motifs to avoid making your home look drab and confining. If the installation of burglar bars is still something you are still uncertain about, then familiarize yourself with the pros and cons which can possibly help in your decision making process.

It is not unheard of to have individuals who are still hesitant about altering the curb side appeal of their homes.  In an ideal world, this would be legitimate concern however, with an ever increasing crime rate, here in South Africa we simply do not have this luxury. Although there are no disadvantages of burglar bars in comparison to one’s safety, listed below are a few of the cons which some might consider as determining factors.

·         It distracts from the exterior appearance of the home: Many people prefer to not change the outward aesthetics of their home as they consider it to be a major selling point.  

·         Alerts potential buyers of a high crime area: In keeping with the above point, the presence of burglar bars and high security measures ward of prospective buyers as they might prefer to settle down in a low crime or gated area.

·         Scenic views: If you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by beautiful views and landscape, you definitely do not want it to be obstructed. Unfortunately burglar bars can be a hindrance to your field of view.

·         Delay escape route: In the event of an emergency, the easiest entry points for law enforcement and emergency workers would be through the doors and windows of your home. Gaining access through windows would be slightly hampered by the bars as it would first need to be removed.

The positives of investing in such a product definitely outweigh the disadvantages and surely no one will want to find themselves in a situation which could have been subsequently avoided.

·         Prevent break-ins: If the access point of entering and exiting your home does not look attainable to perpetrators then they would not give your home a second thought. It definitely is a visual and physical deterrent.

·         Safety reassurance: Much like most security measures, physical barriers on windows allow homeowners to feel safe and comfortable in their home environment.

·         Additional safety and security: Families with younger kids need not worry of their children playing too close to the window. The metal bars prevent unfortunate accidents which might occur when windows are left open with unattended kids.

·         Design options: With multiple designs and colours available, it has become increasingly easier to select an option which will meet your design and aesthetic needs without having to compromise on your style. Poly carbonate (transparent) bars have increased in popularity as it provides security without causing an eye sore.


Here at Maxidor we strive to give you the best products and true value for money. Our burglar bars are available in two material options (steel and poly carbonate) and can be fully customized to fit the shape of any window frame be it circular or rectangular. We offer style flight options if you are interested in creating a uniformed looked with existing security features. Contact us today to find out more about our burglar bar options and get a helpful consultant to assist you in customizing the perfect security feature for your home.