Bar Opportunists from Your Property

Many times, people who have never committed a crime end up doing just that because an opportunity presented itself – perhaps someone dropped a wallet in the parking area of the mall and walked off, or someone forgot their training shoes in the bathroom at the gym. It happens all the time. In instances like these, the “victim” has little recourse, and has to accept that it was their own negligence which led to the theft.

Taking the above into account, it is easy to see why real criminals love opportunity – and actively go out looking for negligence to present itself.

Windows are an especially vulnerable area of the property, and one that criminals know often presents an opportunity for easy entry. Think about it… locking our doors when we leave home is second nature, but closing and securing windows is often not.

All windows ideally need to be secured with burglar bars. While many people are put off by burglar bars “because they make a home feel like a prison”, there are many alternatives to old-fashioned solid steel bars, which will keep you protected, without making you feel trapped or, worse still, actually trap you inside in the event of an emergency.

Take the Maxi-View burglar bars as a prime example. These are completely see-through, with not an ounce of disturbance to your view. And, with the Maxi-View Ultra Armed Bar, you can connect the Maxi-View burglar bars to any alarm system to provide permanent perimeter protection and peace of mind for everyone in the house. This allows freedom to open, close and even clean the windows and bars. No more false alarms caused by human error, plants or animals!

We absolutely agree that burglar bars are an essential part of every home security plan. And, we recognise that the need may arise for you to get out of the premises through the burglar bars, in the event of an emergency, especially a fire. In this case, traditional metal or aluminum bars can be a dangerous obstacle to your escape.

The Maxi-View burglar bars have a rapid hot-lock unlocking mechanism, which enables the occupants to remove and bend the bars away, in order to exit the premises. If the bars are connected to an armed response service provider, the alarm system will activate a panic signal immediately after the bars are removed from the casing, and the necessary emergency assistance will be dispatched.

When it comes to the protection of your family, home and belongings, negligence is very serious and can have long-lasting consequences. In South Africa, homeowners need to be very mindful of the messages that they are sending out regarding security.

Is your home an opportunist’s dream or nightmare?

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