Working from home is a blessing. But although being able to work in sweatpants or your PJ’s the
entire day, having a home office can be dangerous. Some home invasions occur during the day when
criminals think everyone left for work. Or criminals can be tipped off that you do run a home office,
which makes valuables like computers easily accessible for them.

It is better to safeguard you and your office from the start and also be ready in case of an
1. Make sure you have asset insurance and that your insurers know you have a home office
with computers and office equipment.
2. Always keep your doors and security gates locked.
3. Keep your panic button on your desk close by.
4. Keep the security beams activated outside and the camera system on, if you have.
5. Map out an escape route in your mind.
6. Install an Inscape TM retractable security gate with a Slamlock TM system as part of a safe haven
area (usually cordoning off the bedroom areas) for you to escape to in an emergency. This
will buy you time to react and contact neighbourhood watch and your armed response
7. Know your neighbours and neighbourhood watch and make sure they know you work from
8. When leaving or arriving at home, make sure to look for any suspicious activity or cars.
9. Safeguard your data and computers with proper passwords and safety measures. Also make
sure to back up data daily.
10. Always phone references of newly appointed garden services and domestic workers. Make
sure you have trustworthy people in and around your home.

Safeguard your home and all the access points with Maxidor’s superior quality physical security
barriers. From burglar bars, retractable security gates and swing gates, to roller shutters and fencing,
Maxidor aims to safeguard you and your home. Always be vigilant and don’t let your guard down
just because your home feels like your safe environment.

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