From the desk of the COO: Jurie Botha

South African Farmers we salute you – we stand behind you in gratitude as you feed our rainbow nation.  Maxidor, making South African Farms a little safer one Maxidor at a time.

The overall murder statistics in our country paint a grim picture with the latest numbers indicating two murders per hour per day. It is no longer wise to rely on a single layer of security, but rather multiple layers of security should be the order of the day.

To our farmers – you might be geographically isolated, and this makes you a soft target.  Hardened Criminals are no longer deterred by city living, and the sense of community – this is clearly visible in the number of violent crimes committed daily within our cities.  How much more so our farmers who live, often isolated from the outside world, with closest allies 10’s of kilometres away.

Multi-layered security must surely be the order of the day – from perimeter boundaries with early detection systems, to electronic alarm equipment and of course the humble physical security barrier.  We are often asked if security barriers are still relevant in today’s day and age and the reality remains – it is the last line of defence in your security arsenal.  It allows you the time to react in the event of malicious attack.

We understand that your freedom – perhaps the very reason you chose farming as your occupation, is now under scrutiny.

It saddens us to see what you are enduring.  We look at photographs on social media platforms of your ill fortune, the vary platforms trolled by the criminals who so violently attack you. The pictures often depict wide open doors and unprotected entrances, making accessibility to these criminal elements even easier.

In our 35 Years of experience we have pioneered a number of physical barrier solutions, and recently added easy finance to make products more affordable.  You see we have a quest – that of making South Africa a little safer one Maxidor at a time.

Farmers – we need you, and as Maxidor we make our services available to you. Contact us today, for obligation free physical security solutions.  We are ready to face these criminal elements with you, whether you are on a farm, small holding or living in the city – our strength is STILL your security.

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