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The Medium Mesh Plus is a complete high-quality fencing system offering an extended product lifespan at an affordable cost in South Africa and Africa. A special layer is applied after galvanizing, to ensure total adhesion of the PVC top coat. This guarantees an extended product lifespan.To ensure rigidity, the panels have heavy welded mesh with rectangular apertures and horizontal reinforcements.With adapted accessories, and a wide assortment of innovative swing and sliding gates, our fencing solutions can be custom made to your requirements.
*Standard color options: Black, Green, etc. P.O.A. (Price Subject To Measurement), Contact us for a custom quote.

Why Choose Maxi-Fence Medium Mesh Plus Perimeter Security Fence?



Long Life Design

Maxi-Fence Medium Mesh Plus Features

The panels are fixed laterally onto the posts and are secured with anti-vandal metal security fixtures. The H-shape welded tubular posts (70 x 44mm), are galvanized, PVC coated and supplied complete with a polypeptide cap and accessories.
The panels are fixed on the front side of the posts by means of fixtures and security bolts.
The welded square tubular posts (76 x 76 x 1,60mm) have inserts for fixing the
panels with the fixtures and are covered with a plastic cap.
The Medium Mesh Plus system is finished and safely equipped with high tech gates Nylon-For Robust: single and double gates, swing and sliding gates.
Panels made out of galvanized wires. A per-treatment process guarantees that the PVC coating fuses to the product surface and ensures maximum bonding. The posts are
galvanized inside and outside (min. coating 275g/m²) in accordance with SANS 10224-2. Afterwards an adhesion coating is applied and finally the posts are
PVC coated *min. 60 micron).
Nylon-For 3-M is available in green RAL 6005 or anthracite RAL 7021
Other colors on request.
The state of the art PVC coating technology ensures that we are able to offer a 10-year anti-corrosion guarantee on the system when used in full

Clear View Wire Mesh Fence Benefits

The wire is galvanized, resistance welded and plastic coated with maximum adhesion. Maxidor is coating technology is state of the art and guarantees and extra long lifetime.
The panels are heavy welded mesh with rectangular apertures and horizontal reinforcements which give the panels high rigidity. Maxidor Medium Plus provides high quality at low cost.
All components are perfectly harmonized with each other and developed to give a professional quality fence, installed with maximum efficiency.
We can custom make any solution required. Contact us today.