According to an *article in, the past year has seen an alarming increase in the number of home robberies. In this article, Victims of Crime Surveyed recorded 156,089 incidents of home robberies, this an increase of 3% compared to 2017 statistics.
There are a number of guidelines one can follow when faced with such a terrifying situation, none of which is as important as that of staying calm. Whilst one can sharpen your self-defence techniques, at Maxidor we believe prevention remains better than cure. Have your security plan thoroughly tested and practiced by the entire family, so that in the event of one of these senseless invasions taking place, you and your loved ones are adequately prepared. Fidelity ADT suggested in this same article, that you avoid staring at your attackers, but rather lie face down on the floor, whilst subtly looking out for identifiable characteristics, which could assist law enforcement to apprehend them later.
A Maxidor physical barrier between you and a potential attacker remains your last line of defence, and in this electronic day and age, also remains you only Physical barrier. Physical Security Barriers don’t only make it hard for attackers to get to you, but also warns you and give you enough time to press your panic button and react.
Maxidor is the original inventors of the SlamlockTM which means that in the event of you running away from the intruder, you are able to slam the door behind you, giving you enough time to either call for help or escape.
The InscapeTM concept from Maxidor allows you to create a panic area in your home. This area is usually where you and your family sleep. It is cordon off and secured by various Maxidor products like Maxidor burglar bars, Maxidor expandable and retractable security gates etc. All the Maxidor products are bolted into the walls using a specialised chemical fastener, which make breaking it out of the wall nearly impossible.
Make sure your last line of defence at home is adequate and that you have your security plan well-rehearsed. At Maxidor, we are not only passionate about your safety, we are fanatical about service too – Still not convinced? Google “Why Choose Maxidor?” Or phone 0860 131 131 for an obligation free security assessment or visit


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