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All of our products are custom-made to suit your individual needs, ensuring your maximum security. At Maxidor we aim to give every customer the best quality products to suit their needs. We offer unique solutions to secure your home and business with professional advice all the way.

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- 2 days ago

You wouldn’t buy a house without a roof, so why would you by a security door that doesn’t secure? #NOcrime2017…
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- 4 days ago

Safety Tip of the Week! Spare Key RULE Do not leave a spare key! #safetytip #maxidorcenturion
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- 5 days ago

Your home’s ultimate crime fighter in 2017. Contact us to get a quote today:
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- 6 days ago

Contact Maxidor today to find the best solution that suits your home security needs. Our Strength is your Security.…
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Security Tips to Protect against Strangers Pretending to be from Utility Companies

Although the burglar bars, alarm system and security doors protect against criminals gaining entrance to your house, the systems cannot protect you if you willingly allow strangers …

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How Burglar Bars Help to Prevent Unauthorized Entrance

Burglar bars form the third security perimeter against home intrusion. The first being the perimeter fence and the second being the alarm system. As such, it is important to consid …

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