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Expandable Security Gates 2

Maxi-Ultra Range

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The Maxidor Ultra Range of expandable security gates packs a real punch! This sliding gate range offers you a security door that is built for South Africa. The Maxi-Ultra sports a dual Slamlock™ mechanism & 10 Year Buy Back Guarantee. Find Out More Here.


Maxi-Classic Range

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The Maxidor Classic Range of expandable security barriers offers consumers an expandable security gate that's designed to stop criminals from breaching an entrance. The Classic sports our custom engineered strong flights & a 3 Year Buy Back Guarantee! Find Out More Here. 

Maxidor MXA

Maxi-MXA Range

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The Maxi-MXA Range of security gates offers consumers a barrier of protection for a more affordable amount. It contains a single Slamlock™ mechanism with purpose engineered strong flights & a 1 Year product guarantee. Find Out More Here.

Maxidor Security Doors

Maxidor Swing Gates (Security Doors)

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We custom manufacture security doors, also known as swing gates. These security doors are fully customize able and we are even able to manufacture them with a pet entrance. These gates sport a double throw high security gate lock by Yale. Find Our More Here.