Maxidor™ Aluminium Roller Shutter Doors

Maxidor South Africa. Aluminium Roller Shutters Garage Doors or Aluminum Roll Up Doors are most likely on a high time interval exposed to severe and/or high intensity environmental situations such as winds, heat, rain water, ice, environmental chemicals and various weather elements. In such environmental cases the material chosen plays a very important role. Therefore Aluminium is a high grade and valuable material that offers better durability and longer product life due to its inherent anti corrosion. They retain their shape and color when temperatures changes through out the year, they also very environmentally friendly as compared to normal steel garage doors.
*All these applications can be motorized or manual.

Slat finish options:

  • Solid
  • Vented
  • Fenestra

*Standard color options: Black, Brown, White, Charcoal and Oyster White. P.O.A. (Price Subject To Measurements), Contact us for a custom Quote.

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Why Choose Aluminium Roller Shutter Doors?

Shutters Aluminium : Material

Ventilation Slots

Ventilation slots allows air to pass through, to balance internal and external temperatures

Maxidor™ Aluminum Roller Garage Doors (South Africa)

Our Roller Garage slats can either be solid or perforated slats.
Manual operation with crank, push up or chain. Every motorized shutter comes standard with a surge protection plug to protect the motor. Motor can be installed inside shaft to take up less space in canopy.
Custom shaped nylon end plates wrap around each slat to prevent metal-on-mental contact and no dots needed TGIC (triglyceride isocyanurate cross-linker) for corrosion.
UV stabilized TGIC grade for an even finish that will not fade or yellow in the sun. Available in two standard colours: White and bronze. Can be made to match any colour on request (Please ask for a special colour price)
Garage Door Component and Wall Chemical anchoring is a technique used in fastening somthing to concrete and similar substrates that provides more flexibility than mechanical anchoring or by its self.
Hexagonal shaped canopy that appears smaller than square box
Neat finish is achieved by using flat bars to join guides to support beams. Wide range of available styled slats for freedom of choice in design and visibility. Note: Above is meant for example purposes
Every Aluminum Roller Garage Shutter is custom made in order to suit residential, commercial and industrial applications. The choice of material, finish and operation is discussed with each customer to find perfect match to their needs or Project.

Aluminum Roller Garage Doors Advangates

Because it’s made from Aluminum its therefore inherently corrosion resistant.

  • Premium Look and Feel
  • Durable Protection against the elements
  • Weather Protection
  • Energy Saving Benefits
Reverberation Free, Low Operational Noise And Smooth Operation
Our processes are held to international standards from sales to installations
All employees are screened for criminal records before employment
If your product is broken through or fails under warranty we will buy it back or replace it or fix it. T and C’s Apply