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Our Product Range:

Retractable Gates

Our retractable gates com standard with:

Double uprights for extra strength

Difficult to cut through strong flights

Our patented Slamlock technology

Powder coating allowing for colour customisation and prevents yellowing in the sun

Nylon components, that prevent rust and erosion

Chemical fastenings for a permanent bond


Maxi-Grill offers s safety solution that stills remains aesthetically pleasing. The curved shape of the strong flight ass to the burglar bars appeal as well as adds a level of strength.

The unique lug channel hides screws and ensures that there is no room for prying tools.

Powder coating ensures that there will be no fading or yellowing in the sun and allows for multiple colour options. the chemical fastening ensures a permanent bon between the fixing material and wall.


Maxi-View is the ultimate solution for aesthetically pleasing security. when you want to ensure that your view is not obstructed yet don’t want to jeopardize your security. This is the answer!

The clear polycarbonate bars, can be fitted into any shape window. The bars are custom fitted with either Maxi-Bar (economic solution) or Maxi-Rail (Improves strength).

Maxi-View can be fitted with HotLock which allows quick removal in emergency situations.


Maxi-Louvers are manufactured in South Africa. Wood is sourced from sustainable forests and engineered to precise design specifications. We ensure minimal wastage by using up to 95% of the tree.

The polypropylene is easy to clean and ensures stain, peel, crack and chip resistance.

The coating contains UV inhibitors to protect again colour fading and yellowing, and is perfect for the harsh African conditions, withstanding high desert-like temperatures or humid costal climates

Roller Shutters

Maxidor offers a range of steel and aluminium roller shutters that are perfect for all of your domestic and industrial needs.

Our steel roller shutters are manufactured from interlocking galvanized steel slats. The parts are slow wearing and easily replaceable. Ideal for shopfronts, factories and commercial garages.

Our aluminuim roller shutters are manufactured from interlocking galvanized aluminuim slats that can be vented or non-vented. Ideal for homes, windows and passages.

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